A Terrible Mercy, the world's most timely thriller

A mismatched quartet of ordinary people are unwillingly stitched together by events over which they have no control, and propelled toward battle with an unseen horror that threatens to cast the world into an Kitumian darkness in which only Ebola thrives. As the world crumbles about them, one thing becomes certain: trust no one - especially those you trust most of all.

Best-selling author David Crossman's A Terrible Mercy, is the world's first real-time novel; a thriller to be updated every three months in order to reflect the most recent developments relative to the story: specifically, Ebola, ISIS (the Islamic State), the sectarian battle for the soul of Lebanon, the war in northern Syria and Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria - and the efforts of hapless governments the world over to contain the twin viruses of disease and Islamic fundamentalism - whose mutual aim is to overturn the world order, wipe out at least half the population, enslave the remainder, and turn the clock of civilization back eight hundred years.

A Terrible Mercy is avaialble as an e-book, or in print, from your favorite online bookseller. Order yours today!

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