One Man's War


  "Either fight to win, or don't fight." The words rang in Sergant Colby's head as he lay in bed at Mannheim Military Hospital in Germany - his last stop before boarding the plane for home: dead or alive. Eighteen hours earlier he'd been on a routine escort patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Now his best friend was dead, as was everyone else in the unarmored Humvee he'd been driving. If the doctors were right, he'd be joining them within days.

   This true account of Colby's return to the United States - the country that, in the words of his lost best friend - hadn't won a war since WWII, and never would as long as it battled not to lose rather than to win. 

   He was soon to find one branch of the military was determined to win - the Veteran's Administration - and he and other wounded vets were the enemy.


COMING 2019!

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