Bean and Ab are at it again!


The Riddle of Misery Light, Book Four in the Bean and Ab mystery series for young adults, promises to be the duo's most baffling adventure yet. When Punky Bishop said he saw Misery Light one night when returning from the mainland in his lobster boat, no one took him very seriously, for two reasons: First, Punky was a known drinker and notorious storyteller, but the second reason for skepticism was even more compelling; Misery Light - forelorn sentinal on a shipwreck-strewn granite ledge in the middle of the ocean - had burned to the ground a hundred years ago. The real difficulty began when other people reported sightings as well - including Bean's own dad, Captain Carver!  DUE SUMMER 2019!

Stolen Things


A professional thief finds herself mistaken for a princess in this quirky tale from the Arabian desert. Her 'cousin' the King, has fallen for the ruse entirely; his vizier, however, is suspicious. If her secret is discovered, it will mean her head; an improvement over what those searching for her have in mind. She'd give the treasure back if she could. Really she would. But it won't let her. That's the way it is with Stolen Things.


From Hillary Donyan Quinn, due 2019

Have you written a book?


If so, we'd love to read it. There are a few catches, of course. First, you must have completed the manuscript; second, you'll have to submit just the first two or three chapters and an outline. That will be enough to let us know if you're the kind of writer, and you've written the kind of book, we can get behind.  If we think your story is great - meaning an interesting tale well-told without recourse to pornography or vulgarity - we'd love to share it with the world! Please submit a .pdf file via e-mail to: info@alibifolio.com. We'll respond as soon as we can. . . and we never charge you for anything, ever. Ain't that nice?

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